I hurried back to the old woman the past, Shen Shoutui open the door, put her on the bamboo bed, and found a sand bowl the herbs into the bowl, cheap mbt shoes simmer again. After I came to see Aohao old woman, look better, it seems sera packed in a timely manner, which I am afraid not very poisonous snake, and I helped the old woman up, fed her drugs and drink. She used visual me, ghost of a smile. I said: “Aunt, you have a good rest.” Complex and trace a number of herbs on her wound dressing. The old woman whispered, “The kitchen has rice, and fresh fruits and vegetables, Laoshen physical inconvenience, and only take the trouble to get the girl to eat their own.” I see the girl she called me, remember your hair is draped over his body, get busy the root of rags, tied, embarrassed smile, he went ghd uk sale to the kitchen busy. Mu ear received a letter of iron, driven from most of day and night to, Huangfu Shaohua met, both relative to tears. Iron Mu ears trying not to cry: “The third brother, did not find the bodies of four brothers, he suggested that she might not die, you want to keep this useful body, so she comes back to you is. How could you give up on themselves.” Huangfu Shaohua: “She today all this is because I am the sky, I would die for her, it should be.” iron Mu ear: “Do not be silly third brother, a real man was born in the world, we have to a worthy death Otherwise, if the fourth brother saw you in the future, but also look down on you. “Huangfu Shaohua said:” To me out of here, but I was not willing. “iron canal Mu:” might, I have painted her Jiaoren portrait, reward daughter, publish and villages, if someone saw her, and the official will report to know. Otherwise the vast sea, you stay here, is useless. “Huangfu Shaohua listen to him are right, but also miss home, his father . No choice but to ride on horseback, step back three, desolately Cancan to go back. I live in the woman’s bamboo house into a few days to see the old woman’s injuries had completely healed, they intend to bid farewell. Dawn of the day, I packed up cheap ghd sale a little something, then leave the old woman whereabouts. The old woman hear me out, concerns the meaning of the eyes exposed. Whispered: “Girl, where are you going to go.” I heard a sigh: “The world is great, how can a small woman, place to go. Only a step by step.” Heard a little old lady